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Occupational Therapy Student Scholarships


We are committed to recognizing and developing emerging leaders in our profession. Each year our Scholarship Committee accepts applications from POTA student members who are enrolled in an accredited OT education program in the Commonwealth. Details about application procedures are available late fall/early spring each year.

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Scholarships for 2014-2015 Academic Year

At the Fall 2013 meeting, the Board agreed to award the 2014-2015 POTA Scholarships to students interested in assuming a leadership role in POTA. Students must write an essay (up to 750 words) describing realistic and creative methods they will contribute while serving as a student leader in POTA. Applicants who submit all materials by the deadline will be considered for one of the eight scholarships listed below. Awardees will receive their scholarship checks during the spring/summer at their local POTA district meetings. Awardees will be listed in the programs and announced during the Business Meeting at the POTA Conference on October 31, 2014.

POTA Board Scholarships

Six $1,000 scholarships are available for the 2014-15 academic year. Scholarship recipients will become active members of a POTA Board committee/task force in spring 2014 and assume student leadership roles. Awardees will be invited and encouraged to attend their local POTA district meeting in the spring/summer to receive their award.

Reba M. Sebelist Scholarships

Two Sebelist Awards ($500 each) are available for the 2014-15 academic year. One scholarship will be awarded to an OT student and one scholarship will be awarded to an OTA student. Scholarship recipients are invited, but not required, to become active members of a POTA Board committee/task force in April 2014 and assume a student leadership role. Awardees are invited and encouraged to attend their local POTA district meeting in the spring/summer to receive their award.

To apply

3/5/14: The application deadline has passed and materials are no longer accepted.
  1. Scholarships are available only to POTA student members who are enrolled full-time in an entry-level occupational therapy education program (either OTA or OTR) located in Pennsylvania. If you matriculate in a Pennsylvania OT education program, and are not yet a POTA member, please join now through our efficient online registration, then return to complete your application and submit by the deadline.
  2. Your Program Director must support your application and verify your cumulative GPA is 3.5 or higher by submitting the "Program DIrector's Eligibility Form." Once completed, this form should be signed and sent to admin@pota.org
  3. Two confidential reference letters are required, at least one coming from a faculty member in your current occupational therapy education program. These letters should come from individuals who have first-hand knowledge of your current leadership ability (recent or current employers, current professors, recent professors/teachers, current mentors). Reference letters should specifically address aspects of your personal character, leadership qualities you possess, your leadership potential and their opinion as to your appropriateness for contributing to the POTA Board and its committees/task forces. These letters should be printed on letterhead, signed and sent to admin@pota.org
  4. All materials are due by midnight, March 4, 2014.

Applicants are responsible to ensure that Program Director's Eligibility Form and two reference letters are submitted on time. Applicants should advise individuals who submit these materials that they will receive e-mail confirmation following their submission. POTA will not follow up to request missing materials from incomplete applications. The Scholarship Committee will review only those online applications that also include the Program Director's Eligibiliy Form and two confidential references, all submitted by this year's deadline.

Submit your application here by the March 4, 2014 deadline.

2013-14 POTA Scholarship Winners
Kristen Brant, University of Pittsburgh
Jennifer Bush, Elizabethtown College
Megan DiBernardino, Elizabethtown College
Daniel Fichter, University of the Science
2013-14 Reba M. Sebelist Scholarships 

Colleen Kiss, Chatham University
Lisa Reynolds, Philadelphia University - Occupational Therapy Assistant Program 


Cumulative list of POTA and Sebelist Scholarship Winners, 2008 to present.

Scholarships from Occupational Therapy Associations in other states

Check with individual state associations to determine eligibility criteria and application procedures for available awards.


The American Occupational Therapy Foundation Scholarship Program

Scholarships in varying amounts are awarded each academic year for students who apply in the fall semester. Details about eligibility, specific deadlines and online application process are available from the Foundation.


Your Occupational Therapy Education Program

Check with your institution's financial aid office and your Occupational Therapy Department for available awards.




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